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Top takeaways from HBO's 'Hard Knocks' premiere with Buffalo angles

This season of HBO's training camp series "Hard Knocks" featuring the Cleveland Browns might have special interest to Buffalo Bills fans for multiple reasons.

After all, former Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor is now considered the Browns starter, former Bills coach Gregg Williams is the Browns defensive coordinator, new Bills receiver Corey Coleman was just acquired from the Browns and many Bills fans were hoping the Bills would have a shot at Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield before he was taken with the No. 1 pick in the draft:

Here are my top takeaways from Tuesday's season premiere.

Browns Coach Hue Jackson can compartmentalize: The most compelling aspect of the opening episode concerned the death of Jackson's mother and the Browns' family being there for him. The coach had an incredible ability to concentrate despite his personal heartache of dealing with his mother's death shortly after his brother died. At one point, he went from describing his sadness to going right back to football issues in an instant. He eventually broke down at his desk.

Coleman's desire questioned: Fans may have seen a snippet of why the Browns traded former first-round pick Corey Coleman to the Bills for a future late-round choice. During one practice, a Browns assistant coach yelled at Coleman after a dropped pass. "Come on Corey, get in there. Have some desire," yelled the coach. There might be nothing worse than having your desire questioned. The preview of next week's episode mentioned that Coleman's trade will be part of it. The show was reportedly filming at Coleman's house in the hours before the trade Sunday.

Tyrod is a good guy: Many Bills fans seemed to like Taylor more as a person than as a quarterback. You can't help but root for the guy, who playfully suggested to an almost 5-year old Browns fan that they celebrate their birthdays with a party together. Taylor also looked like a leader, opening the show by driving to the Browns' training facility at 5 a.m.

Baker Mayfield is a lousy singer: Naturally, the rich rookie, who is starting the season as Taylor's backup, was called upon to sing before his teammates. His choice was a John Denver tune. It wouldn't have been my No. 1 choice to impress teammates.

Baker Mayfield can sling it: On the other hand, the little we saw of Mayfield on the practice field was impressive. Taylor looked good, too.

Gregg Williams still acts like a jerk: The former Bills head coach seems to be an angry old man throughout the episode and during next week's preview.

Jarvis Landry has amazing hands: The free agent signee illustrated why the Browns grabbed the former Miami Dolphins star. He grabs anything thrown near him, with a special ability to make one-handed catches. He should make Taylor and Mayfield better quarterbacks.

Jarvis Landry's mouth is R or even X-rated: In an inspirational speech to his teammates, Landry broke the HBO record for cursing formerly held by the cast of "Deadwood."

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