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Cuomo wants 3D gun-making banned in New York

ALBANY – New York will seek to halt a Texas organization from making 3D-printable gun designs available on the internet to people in the state, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday.

The Trump administration reached a legal settlement with Defense Distributed to permit the company to make downloadable 3D printing designs – technically beginning on Wednesday – available in the United States. Pennsylvania officials have already said they got the company to block downloads of the design in their state.

Cuomo's action comes a day after New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood, along with attorneys general from eight other states, commenced a lawsuit against the federal government seeking to ban the distribution of materials used to make untraceable 3D guns.

Calling the technology “an extreme risk,’’ Cuomo said the state is sending the Texas group a cease-and-desist letter blocking downloads of the designs by anyone within New York’s borders. He said he also wants the company to furnish the state with names of anyone in the state who may have obtained the designs in recent days in advance of the Wednesday official download start date.

“In New York, we’re not going to allow the federal government to take us backwards,’’ Cuomo said. He said he will also propose legislation “to fully and completely” outlaw the private production of 3D guns and “ghost” weapons that are untraceable by law enforcement. He did not elaborate about how he might try to do that.

A spokesperson for Defense Distributed did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

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