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Progress report on 17 tasks the Niagara Falls Water Board was ordered to do

Here's the progress on the to-do list the state gave the Niagara Falls Water Board after the billowing, black discharge incident of a year ago.

Completed tasks ☑

  • Operate treatment processes according to the training manual.
  • Properly use pumps to de-water sediment tanks.
  • Remove excess solids from the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Pilot study adding oxidizers to reduce sulfides and improve effluent quality.
  • Prepare report on how the Water Board records overflow discharges.
  • Summarize procedures under New York Alert notification system.
  • Hire operators and update day-to-day training and operating plans.

In progress 👉

  • Submit a work plan to find alternatives to improve the color of effluent, due Sept. 19.
  • Submit a work plan on best management of effluent from Sedimentation Basin 5, due Sept. 19.
  • Improve wet weather operating plan to reduce or eliminate plant bypasses and report, due Sept. 19.
  • Report on potential improvements to the plant’s disinfection processes, due Sept. 19.
  • Prepare engineering report evaluating a relocation of outfalls at the base of the American Falls, due Sept. 19.
  • Update operation and maintenance manual, training procedures and staffing plans, due March 19, 2019.
  • Prepare engineering report evaluating conversion to a biological treatment plant, due March 19, 2019.

Rolling deadlines 🔄

  • Improve equipment in the sedimentation basin, various deadlines.
  • Submit quarterly reports to the DEC.
  • Prohibition on de-watering Sedimentation Basin 5. DEC approves all sedimentation work.

Note: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation mandated the Niagara Falls Water Board complete these tasks under a consent order the two sides agreed to Dec. 20.

Sources: Order on Consent with updates from the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Niagara Falls Water Board.

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