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Jason Tartick as next 'Bachelor'? Social media, pop sites fuel the fire

I practically wrote a book about Jason Tartick's elimination from "The Bachelorette" on Monday night, but it's worth expanding on the answer to this question: Would the Buffalo native consider being the next "Bachelor" if the producers asked him to be after Becca Kufrin broke his heart?

"Because of how fond I was of the experience I would absolutely consider the opportunity to take on the lead if that was offered," said Tartick in the telephone interview.

"But I do know there is a good group of people to choose from. There hasn't been any talk in regards to production, but I certainly hear rumblings in the media and people's opinions and fans of the show and or previous cast members. It is something I would highly consider. It is definitely a possibility. I think it is a possibility in everyone's mind. That is strictly speculation."

He is right. There has been stories on sites devoted to "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" that conclude Jason would be the perfect guy for the next installment of the reality series.

Here's what Jessica Radloff wrote on in an article titled: "Is Jason Tartick the Next Bachelor?"

"If Twitter has anything to say about it, then America should get ready to meet its next Bachelor: Jason Tartick. Yes, the Buffalo native with the slicked-back hair just positioned himself as a front-runner for the next installment of the ABC reality show.

"To recap—spoilers ahead—the corporate banker was  sent home before the fantasy suite on last night's episode when Becca realized that she couldn't see a future with him. Of course, this came after Jason repeatedly said that he found his best friend, his partner and hopefully his fiancée in Becca. Oof. Even a detailed scrapbook that Jason made to document every rose, kiss and hair product wasn't enough to get her to change his mind. (Note to Jason: It's fine, really. You're going to find someone that will make you a beautiful scrapbook in return one day.)"

Wendy Gould seconded the emotion in a story on with the title "5 Reasons We're Convinced ABC Has Secretly Cast Jason as the next "Bachelor."

"He might have come out of that limo and into the mansion relatively under the radar, but Jason Tartick quickly won over the hearts of Becca and all of Bachelor Nation as the season progressed," she wrote. "Throughout his journey, we've seen him suavely navigate the muddy waters of drama, have the ability laugh at himself and the absurdity of it all, and put his heart on the line as he opened up and fell in love.

"Watching Jason get sent home wasn't easy, but it did reveal what we suspected all along: that he's a man of strength and character. All these traits we've just listed are reasons we think he'd make an incredible Bachelor. Ahead are a few more reasons we think ABC might just crown him as such!"

Here is her Reason No. 2 for casting Jason:

"Let's take a second to talk about Jason as a potential mate. He has a successful career as a corporate banker, possesses a strong sense of himself, has a solid group of friends, is charitable, is living life to the fullest, and apparently is an incredible kisser. Also, he's approaching 30, at that stage in his life where he's serious about finding partner, and clearly isn't trying to simply fill some hole with fame or a random person.

"Moreover, he's not afraid to speak his mind. We need a bachelor who can communicate what he's thinking in a sincere way, similar to how Becca has. Jason has proven he can do that over and over again throughout the season. Not only does he keep it real, but he's funny, insightful, and just fun to listen to."

And Reason No. 3

"Fans of the show have been pulling for Jason to be the next 'Bachelor' for weeks now, but after this week's elimination, the pleas and cheers have grown infinitely louder. His Instagram account is ablaze with comments, Twitter users (including former 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' cast members are begging for ABC to crown him the lead, and even Colton Underwood (another suitor) is rooting for him!"


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