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Letter: Trump has done nothing to make this country great

Every time I read a letter praising Trump, I wonder where that person gets his information.

One writer said that Trump has solved North Korea and Obama paid billions to sign the Iran deal. Both statements are completely false.

Trump was played by North Korea, they are ramping up their nukes and called the United States bullies. There is no peace treaty.

As for the billions that Iran got, it was their money! The United States had no control over it being released as it was held by China. Also, six countries signed the Iran treaty including Trump’s favorite murderer, Vladimir Putin, who approved the Iran treaty.

The tariffs that Trump are imposing are illegal. No one believes Canada is a “threat” to the United States. His tax cut has helped corporations buy back their stock and any little break you get goes in your gas tank as the price of gas has jumped up.

The economy? Obama did that. Trump did nothing but go to his golf clubs, use public websites to advertise his businesses and charge taxpayers $16 million for the privilege. He disrupts, lobs nasty comments and is bowing to dictators. If a Democrat ever acted like this, the lame Republican Congress would be impeaching that person.

Let me be clear, if there is a valid thing that Trump has done for the country, let him take credit. You can crow about it. Lying does not cut it. I am sick and tired of Republicans claiming to be the “responsible” party when they are always the ones who make the messes that Democrats and Independents have to clean up.

Finally, immigration? Please. If you are an American, you came from somewhere else. No American with the exception of the American Indian can have a valid standing to keep others out. It’s hypocritical. Also if you are not aware, those you call Mexican lived in the Southwest until the 1870s and they are half native American and half European. Truth will always beat lies.

Teresa Lukasik


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