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Letter: Letter writer misplaces blame for society’s ills

The July 10 letter writer lamented “what happened” after describing life in the U.S. post World War II, speaking of pride, of friendship, of love, of respect and that there was no gun violence or fights in school.

What I thought was going to be an interesting, nonpartisan history lesson or insight into perhaps what brought us all to where we are today regarding some of the tragedies that have occurred in recent years, suddenly and sharply turned into an attack blaming the National Rifle Association for promoting violence and enriching gun manufacturers while simultaneously blaming President Trump for promoting and supporting violence, immorality and vulgarity.

I have yet to see the headline that began “NRA member shoots (fill in the blank).” I have, however, seen a litany of headlines regarding misguided, sick individuals who have chosen to take matters into their own hands for reasons known only to them.

Violence, immorality and vulgarity were around long before Trump arrived. Just ask the 39,000 homicide victims of Chicago over the last 60 years, the Weinsteins and Weiners of the world, or the Hollywood elites who enrich themselves with films that celebrate violence, immorality and vulgarity on an epic, non-stop scale.

I agree with the writer that it is unclear exactly what causes our present-day dilemmas – be it technology, the breakdown of the family or cultural ignorance. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. However, in my opinion, it is wrong to single out one man or one organization as the destroyer of the days of yore.

Christopher Mackert

West Seneca

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