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Letter: Lake Ontario residents deserve to be reimbursed

This is in response to questions raised in a recent letter in this column regarding reimbursement for damage caused by high water levels in Lake Ontario.

Some property owners like our family had built cottages in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Not all owners have mega resorts and homes, but simple small buildings on small lots. When ours was built (out of telephone poles, cross-arms and other reused materials) there was an apple orchard and over 150 feet between the building and the lake.

Perhaps the introduction of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the man-made dams on the east are partly to blame for the erosion and destruction. This allowed manipulation of water levels by United States and Canadian governmental officials. It also allows for an increase in larger ships carrying heavier, larger loads through the lake and seaway.

Unfortunately, the decision to not lower lake levels in the fall and winter of 2016 combined with the heavy rains in early 2017, which government officials were not able to predict, caused the destruction. Therefore one could say that the governments played a part over the years in the loss of 130 feet of land in front of our building, and perhaps navigation bears some responsibility.

Having spent thousands of dollars since the 1970s to protect our 60-foot lot, we are grateful to finally realize some help this time around. It should be noted that property taxes at the lake are at a premium and there has been no adjustment made for the loss of land.

Liz and Bill Hayden


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