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Letter: Episcopal Church must focus on what matters in the world

I have seldom been tempted to write in response to an article that I have read, but after reading about the debate taking place in the Episcopal Church (“Is God male? Episcopal Church debates divinity, gender,” Washington Post, published in The Buffalo News, July 4), I just had to respond.

They are spending time debating the gender of God! Really? This is what concerns them? Are they aware of what’s going on in this world?

There are mass murders taking place in shopping malls, clubs, churches, offices, streets, and schools. There are police overstepping their bounds. There are children ripped from their parents at our borders. We are not really safe anywhere anymore. This is what we have become. I am afraid of the world that my four teenage grandsons will inherit.

I think that the church’s time would be better spent in prayer, praying for kindness, civility and common sense to be restored.

No matter what higher power you worship or what gender that power is to you, we need to pray for our world.

As my grandmother used to say “We are all going to hell in a handbasket!”

I agree.

Ellen Comstock

East Aurora

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