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Letter: Second City Honors would open more doors

Just a few words of support for Donald E. Grant Jr. and Shaun Nelms’ Viewpoints article in the July 15 paper. I knew both young men when they matriculated at City Honors. Their accomplishments were a direct result of a caring, involved, dedicated faculty and parent partnership.

Sadly that partnership and commitment to increasing the minority student population and minority faculty population appears to be on the decline. While I am in full support of what Grant and Nelms have to say, I do believe that a quicker reversal of decline in minority student population could be achieved by community support; demand for a second and third City Honors around the city that has the same academic/athletic/club/service goals that the present school has.

Then there is less stress for fewer seats and more opportunities for the many who aspire for the rigors City Honors historically created. A good comparison would have been the college prep/AP program at Hutch-Tech in the 1990s.

I am sure the city community would benefit greatly from having a broader base selection of highly competitive schools instead of just one. The same could go for the elementary schools in minority communities. And by the way, Buffalo teachers are some of the best applicants for these future schools’ faculties.

Glen McClary

City Honors staff, 1980 to 1993

Satellite Beach, Fla.

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