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Letter: Black bear should not have been killed by police

The poor black bear in Amherst did not deserve the death sentence. It was just a lost, innocent wild animal. I remember when several years ago, someone accidentally ran over a wild duck, leaving its four little baby ducklings orphans.

The killing of the black bear is unjustified. Many aspects should have been thoughtfully measured before it was shot dead.

• The animal was frightened and lost its way back to where it came from.

• There was no record it had jeopardized any one’s safety.

• It was injured, with one of its hind legs mutilated and therefore incapable of jeopardizing human safety as well as security.

• The Department of Environmental Conservation was completely absent.

• Just a handful of millionaires in that prestigious part of town could have spared a tiny fraction of their wealth to finance the medical needs of this poor animal and help move it to its own natural habitat.

• Lastly, the Amherst Police Department, even though considered one of the best in the state and country, still has a long way to go to do the right thing.

Let the guns be last or never.

Henry M. Crasta


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