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Letter: Bills running back is too much trouble

On July 10, a post on Instagram accused LeSean “Shady” McCoy of beating a woman, his son and pet dog, and using illegal steroids.

Shady should be suspended until police in Milton, Ga., conclude their investigation into his possible involvement in a home invasion and attempted robbery that inflicted injuries against two women at his home where his ex-girlfriend resides with her two young children, whom he previously tried to evict.

The photos of the injuries were so graphic and horrific in nature that The News would not print the photos.

In 2013, Shady was sued for his actions toward a woman aboard a party bus. Allegedly, he humiliated her and 15 other women before ejecting the woman from the vehicle.

In 2014, he was criticized for leaving a 20-cent tip at a burger restaurant. The owner stated that Shady had been “verbally abusive” and made “derogatory comments about women.”

In 2016, two Philadelphia police officers were injured and hospitalized in an off-duty bar fight involving Shady over a bottle of champagne. “As a result of the violent assault, both men have suffered serious and permanent injuries,” stated the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Fortunato N. Perri Jr.

In 2017 before the Denver Bronco’s game, Shady brought needless embarrassment to Buffalo when he participated in the anthem protest by nonchalantly stretching during the anthem.

After the anthem is played, fans need to take a knee to protest the mistreatment of women by many NFL players.

Shady only has to look at his past actions to answer why he’s treated differently.

Joe Cyran


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