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Letter: Why aren’t DMV offices required to have bathrooms?

My 6-year-old cousin, Jenna, was with my aunt at the Department of Motor Vehicles recently and was too young to feel confident in going to a nearby restaurant by herself to use the bathroom. She was at the DMV with my aunt for 2½ hours.

Why doesn’t the DMV have a public restroom? Why doesn’t this building in which we know that people wait a long time (paid for by our taxes) have a bathroom?

Every DMV office needs a bathroom because it is a health concern to all the good citizens who just want to get their motor vehicle-related errands completed.

Also, why should it be the responsibility of nearby outside businesses to provide a bathroom for people with no intention of being customers? Our government can do better than this!

The DMV will always be an undesirable place to sit and wait, but it does not have to be unbearable. There needs to be a bathroom in every DMV office. There needs to be vending machines for diabetic citizens. There needs to be lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers. All of these amenities seem logical and yet, in 2018, there is no law requiring DMV offices to have them. I hope we can convince our lawmakers to make this happen.

Eleni Shehata


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