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Letter: GOP’s troubles began decades before Trump

For those who think the GOP has been taken over by President Trump, I would say you haven’t been paying attention for the last 50 years.

While the party elite have always catered to the corporate world and the top 2 percent, they have been able to convince the low-information voter that they care about abortion rights and the Second Amendment. While the background for many of these voters and their turn to the GOP centered on the passage of the Civil Rights Act, with Trump that fact is no longer hidden.

If, as most believe, all life is precious then those on the religious right who fight for the life in the womb would also be marching to enhance gun law protections to stop that carnage. They would be demanding an end to the waste of lives in all the wars fostered on the citizens of this country by the corporations that benefit from this loss of life.

So for all of you who preach the gospel of the GOP, I will believe your motives are much darker until you can explain your very focused concern. What makes promoting on everyone the beliefs of this vocal religious minority different than the imposition of Sharia law? Thou shall not kill is hard to misinterpret. Yet through history the religious have always found a way to ignore that straightforward commandment.

What is really deeply concerning is how easily the GOP base has been willing to follow a demagogue bent on destroying our democracy. Without a free press we are no different than Russia or China.

In this divided country, I believe it is time for all of us to look into our hearts and souls and work to bring back the America that cares about all of the people and demands a return of integrity and personal responsibility. It is time we Americans start listening to our better angels before it is too late.

Hank Olejniczak


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