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Letter: Canada should ignore Trump’s nasty remarks

Regarding the Toronto man who wrote on July 14 about not wishing to spend any more money in Buffalo, I understand completely. However, it is clear that he knows and appreciates Buffalo and all we have to offer. I appreciate Canada and love traveling there. This reciprocal relationship has existed my entire life.

I love and respect Canadians, and most Buffalonians agree with me. Plus, we are keenly aware of how much Canadians contribute to our economy. Toronto and Buffalo are both amazing cities, but each lacks what the other has. We truly complement each other.

I would ask the writer to give this a second thought. Many Buffalonians did not vote for President Trump, and those who did cast their vote for him did not desire or expect it to be a “ruin Buffalo’s great relationship with Canada” vote.

We are a small, friendly town. Canadian money does not go to Trump or Washington, D.C. It helps our restaurateurs, bartenders/waitstaff, merchants, hoteliers and the city itself so we can continue to support tourism from Canada and elsewhere.

Trump will not be president in the not-too-distant future. But Canada and Buffalo will continue to exist side by side helping and supporting one another. Don’t let Trump ruin it for you. You like our city and you like us. The feeling is mutual. Come back. And while you’re at it, come to Hamburg and see how cool we are. Life is short, eh?

Coleen Hanna


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