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Letter: Ending human trafficking requires precise actions

Something took place on June 28 that has been largely overlooked but has tremendous significance around the world. On that day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released the 2018 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report. Why is that significant? The TIP report shines a spotlight on human trafficking, and ranks 188 countries on their efforts to bring an end this crime within their borders.

Trafficking truly is a form of slavery and while you may not be aware of this, more than 40 million people are still enslaved in factories, fishing boats and brothels. The TIP report is essential to fighting against these evils so that all can live in freedom. Diplomacy and foreign aid can be adjusted based on countries efforts to reduce or eliminate slavery. Every one of us can play a part in this as well.

Please contact your state senators and congressman and let them know that you want them to support efforts to stop slavery by reauthorizing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, appointing a new ambassador to head the Trafficking in Persons office, and fully funding U.S. efforts to bring an end to this stoppable crime.

I hope that our generation will be able to see this accomplished.

Cliff Miller


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