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Editorial: It seems to us — The Uber effect, doctoring fish and an unruly cow

Here is some good news out of the gig-economy files: DWI arrests are down in Buffalo, and among the likely reasons are the availability of ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber.

For years, Albany denied New Yorkers access to those companies, but finally allowed them into the state last year. Now, figures suggest that with the easy ability to hail an inexpensive ride, increasing numbers of drinkers are making the smart choice and not getting behind the wheel. If so, that development alone justifies Albany’s decision to join the 21st century.

Pet owners and would-be veterinarians take note: A developing new health specialty could either cost you — or possibly make you — a nice wad of money. Aquatic medicine is becoming more popular as owners of creatures such as koi find they need a fish doctor for their underwater friends.

It isn’t cheap. A fish visit typically takes much more vet time than an appointment for Lassie or Felix (that’s for you baby boomers) and can reach $1,000. Given that fish are the nation’s most popular pet — there are about 139 million of them, not counting saltwater cousins — it’s not hard to predict that Americans will soon have a new way to spend their money.

One of the great definitions of what constitutes news goes by the difference a story in which a dog bites a man and another in which the man is the main offender.

That’s different.

So it’s no surprise when media out of Ellington, Conn., decided it was news when a cow slugged a farm worker in the jaw.

Elsie (not her name, but there’s another one for the baby boomers) doesn’t appear to have been malicious about it. She just swung her big head and caught a 23-year-old worker square in the face.

The man, whose name wasn’t released, was flown to a hospital in Springfield, Mass., a little northwest of Ellington. Seth Bahler, who owns the dairy farm — Connecticut’s largest — called it a freak accident. Let’s hope so.

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