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Letter: Denigration makes for easy mistreatment and harm

The frequency of the verbal attacks on groups of people by labeling them as less than human is dangerous. Fredric Wertham, M.D., wrote a book on human violence, “A Sign for Cain.”

He was trying to understand and explain how it was possible for a modern country to perpetrate acts of extreme violence against groups within its society. He identified, that one of the first steps to violence has been to denigrate whole groups as different.

Wertham identified different as being less human than others. Wertham then continued by providing documented examples of how groups of people were separated from “you and me” by preceding the act with the verbal assassinations of their character.

I agree with Wertham that it is important to understand the impact of labeling whole groups of people as somehow less then human because it has historically lead to genocide and justified the inhuman treatment of these human beings.

The examples he provided were from the German Holocaust. I would like to point out that our president is denigrating whole groups of people as an infestation, animals, etc. He has rounded up their children, separated them and held them hostage until their parents admit to a crime that he has singularly designated as a criminal offense.

The real crime is the people in this democracy allowing the minority president and his sycophants to characterize groups of people as less than human. What should we expect when we encourage, the denigration of whole groups of people as subhuman. Remember slavery and the “N” word, remember the Holocaust and the Jew, remember the genocide of Slavic people, and remember the kidnapping of the children of immigrants.

Do not accept the tenets of the superiority of one race or group of people over another. It escalates into violence, murder and the destruction of a society into warring factions.

John Brandenberger


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