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Letter: Dems must change laws to avoid current travesty

Trump’s actions as president need to be changed if, and whenever, the Democrats gain control of Congress and the Senate in 2018, as well as the presidency in 2020. These changes would be new laws that a new Democratic Congress and Senate would forever change what Trump has gotten away with as president.

I would call these new laws “The Trump Laws.” There would need to be three new legislative laws,

The first new law would require a president to make public a prior tax return of the past five years that was not being audited. The requirement would apply within 30 days of taking over the presidency on January 20. If a tax return were being audited for each of the prior tax years, then the president would have to show proof of auditing by the IRS for each audit year.

The second new law would be that no blood relative or a person related to the president by marriage could be named to a cabinet or high office directly involving the president.

Lastly, the third new law would be that a new president needed to divest all business owned property within thirty days of taking office on January 20. A president would not be allowed to sell or allow a blood relative to purchase or run the business.

If these three laws are enacted in the future then what Ivanka, Jared and Don Jr. as well as Eric are getting away with will never occur again.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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