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Mac attack: Buffalo readers call out mac & cheese snubs

Who knew macaroni and cheese was such a divisive-yet-passionate subject? It's common to receive an email or two after an article titled something like "5 great ... in Buffalo," but when a subject line reads "another typical Buffalo biased mac and cheese review," it might be time to listen to consult the readers.

Building off the original macaroni and cheese post, readers weighed in on their favorites that didn't make the list, with arguments for why their preferences stand out (and with quips about Kraft and Stouffer's, to boot).

Smokin' Little Diner

4870 Broadway, Depew. 683-9248.

Regular mac and cheese: $4.99/small, $7.99/large
Specialty mac and cheese, in pulled pork, pulled chicken, pork belly and bacon, $9.99, served with garlic toast. Full menu.

"[It's] cheesy, tangy, creamy, and ooey-gooey, delicious. The macaroni noodles are nice and tender. It is topped with perfectly grilled pork belly smothered in your choice of 9 flavors of housemade BBQ sauce. The portions are generous, leaving just enough for breakfast the next day." - Kristina Drewery

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Smokin' Little Diner is an authentic '50s diner at 4870 Broadway in Depew.(Sharon Cantillon/News file photo)


Lenox Grill

140 North St., in the basement of Lenox Hotel. 884-1700

Gourmet mac and cheese (small from $9-$12, large from $12-$15), in cheddar, pepper jack, lobster and bacon, grilled chicken and jalapeno, barbecue braised brisket. Full menu.

"It was super delicious! Not heavy or greasy at all and they used a penne macaroni instead of the classic elbow macaroni!

"We had the bacon lobster Mac, it wasn’t overwhelming but there was enough of both meats. They have many different kinds I would recommend this place to anyone looking to try somewhere new for mac!" - Natalie Rios

"I like theirs because you get a ton of it for not a lot of money, it comes out pretty quick, but not too quick, and the lobster mac and cheese is one of the best I've ever had. You sit there waiting to order and when a server brings it out for someone else, it smells like heaven and you have to revisit the menu. Creamy and delicious, it's a winner for me! - Jeremy Detwiler



3260 Main St. 837-2326.

Mac and cheese (as an entree, but also available as a side for $7): penne, smoked gouda, goat cheese, cheddar, panko and rosemary crust ($16), with andouille ($18). Full menu.

"The Mac and Cheese at Shango is by far my favorite in the city. Their Mac and Cheese is creamy with three different cheeses. It has a subtle smoky flavor from the smoked gouda and a panko rosemary crust – andouille sausage can even be added to it upon request! You can’t go wrong ordering this, it’s definitely a customer favorite!" - Stacey Mogford

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Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill

189 Delaware Ave. 240-9392.

Specialty macaroni and cheese, in bacon, barbecued pulled pork, Buffalo chicken and stuffed banana pepper, $10.99 to $14.99. Full menu.

"I highly recommend the pulled pork mac and cheese. It's very gooey, and very filling." - Tim Bookhagen


Sterling Tap & Wurst

1487 Hertel Ave. 833-1307.

Varieties available, all of which cost $14, include house mac, lobster, pulled pork, Wardynski Wurst, stuffed banana pepper and special mac of the day. Full menu.

"I once told a friend it's the only mac better than Mooney's in Buffalo, and he asserted it's exactly the same. He said the chef-inventor of Mooney's mac left for Sterling and instituted there. But... it could be vice-versa. (I was a few craft beers deep)." - Dan Almasi


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

301 Franklin St.

Available as a side dish. Full menu.

"If you were to put a stand up of the 5 Places of Mac and cheese, Plus add Dino BBQ into the mix, with NO NAMES On them I guarantee people would choose Dino BBQ over Fat Bob's or Mooney's!"

Mac and cheese is scooped from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que during the restaurant's Buffalo opening in 2014. (Harry Scull Jr./News file photo)


La'Verdad Cafe and Deli

1132 E. Lovejoy St.

"[Their mac and cheese] has like 4 different cheeses and jalapeños peppers... They have a sandwich called “The Stretchmark” it’s FANTASTIC!" - Al Robinson


Potter's Field

425 Potters Road, West Seneca. 824-1353.

Potter's macaroni and cheese is served only as a special (often in flavors like chipotle mac or stuffed banana pepper burger mac), so it's not available on a daily basis. But when it's there, it's beloved.

"Hands and creamiest and definitely the most decadently delicious masterpiece.. in a bowl....especially when lobster is added to the mix...Omg." - Bonnie Smith, Lackawanna

Potter’s Field Pub is a golfer's haven - even in winter


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