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Letter: Church may not be the root of abuse, but perpetuates it

How can anyone say there were six substantiated Catholic clergy abuse charges in the United States in 2017, as a July 6 letter writer cited a recent U.S. Catholic Bishops Report, and think that is OK. Do people forget 1900s and before? It’s a shame to say “If the church would let them get married they wouldn’t be a pedophile.” Married men, fathers, uncles, cousins etc. can and are pedophiles.

No matter when and how many, no child should have to suffer abuse. Yes, other institutions have the problems but that doesn’t justify priests in the Catholic Church getting away with it. To be abused by a man who represents Jesus is unthinkable.

There are some wonderful priests and they have honored and lived up to their vows. We cannot say training programs and sending them away for counseling is the answer and trust them with our children.

Once a pedophile always a pedophile, ask anyone who has been abused.

Trudy Sorci


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