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Wegmans beats 317 companies across 20 industries in Emotion Ratings

Wegmans didn't just come out on top of a list of other supermarkets. This time, Wegmans outpaced 317 other companies across 20 consumer industries from airlines to automobiles in a survey that measures the positives and negatives of customer experiences.

In the latest Temkin Emotion Ratings, based on a survey of 10,000 customers, Wegmans landed the highest overall ratings, with a rating of 86 percent; followed by Texas-based grocer H-E-B, Citizens Bank, a credit union, Publix and Subway; all tied for second place with 83 percent.

The report measures positive and negative customer experience at 318 companies. It's released by Temkin Group, a consumer research firm.

Wegmans came out on top in the "experience" subset of the ratings with 78 percent, followed by H-E-B with 76 percent, Aldi with 75 percent; and toiletry retailer Bath and Body Works, Regions Bank and ice cream shop Baskin Robbins each tied with 74 percent.

Supermarkets fared best on the "experience" list, while TV and Internet providers fared worst. All four companies with the lowest ratings were cable companies, including Spectrum, which earned 35 percent.

Customers were asked to evaluate their experiences with different companies over the previous 60 days and rate them on a 7-point scale in regards to the categories "success", "effort" and "emotion." Only companies mentioned by more than 100 respondents were analyzed and included in the report.



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