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Letter: Objections to Trump are too many to count

A July 3 letter writer listed six items of President Trump’s agenda where Republicans should stand in full lockstep. Another said, “We are happy with all he has achieved.” Who are these people?

• “Stamp out political correctness in all its forms.” Using Trump as a model, that means telling a sexual assault accuser that she isn’t good looking enough for him to have assaulted her. It means publicly insulting the looks or character of any woman, or man, who is a critic. It’s the right to insult followed by, “It’s the truth, isn’t it?”

• “Protect our borders.” To Trump that means training our resources on mothers and children who legally seek asylum by separating the children into detention centers across the country and cuffing the parents’ hands and legs.

• “Protect our Bill of Rights.” Except freedom of speech. It doesn’t apply to NFL players who have a strong grievance against police violence. Except freedom of the press. They are the “enemy of the people.” Except our Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Trump said we should remove guns first and get a warrant afterward when someone might be unstable. Except the Eighth Amendment. He advocates torture and asked to have it included in our laws.

•“Create jobs.” You got it. The steady eight-year job growth under President Barack Obama continued into the Trump administration yielding, with the return of some companies to the United States, a great unemployment record.

• “Explore energy here at home.” At any environmental cost. Selected federal land and offshore areas would be opened for drilling except for anything near Trump’s Florida properties or in any state near his friends. Except wind, solar or geothermal energy. They are not included.

• “Protect and preserve law and order.” Wow! He has called the FBI treasonous, the CIA Nazis and regularly insults the attorney general and his deputy, though they are both Republicans he appointed.

If you wonder why there is resistance to Trump, it’s because some of us cannot overlook this. How can anyone support this?

Charles Friedmann


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