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Letter: City should enforce policy on waterfront development

The League of Women Voters Buffalo Niagara joins with others who agree that only development that requires water-dependent uses should be allowed and encouraged on the waterfront, as defined in the Buffalo Green Code.

Such development includes facilities that serve activities requiring access to the water: such as fishing and boating and passenger terminals for tour boats and charter boats, as well as structures for environmental monitoring.

The City of Buffalo must insist that only “water-dependent uses” be supported for improvements on the waterfront, all the way from Canalside to the Outer Harbor.

Such improvements might include to repair and improve the marinas; maintain the shoreline public path; respect and protect fishing sites and improve kayak launching sites. An excellent use would be educational facilities that teach water ecology.

In contrast, the proposed residential tower for the Outer Harbor is not water-dependent. It could be built on any vacant property. It is a water-enhanced project that uses Lake Erie as a come-on to prospective buyers. When will the city enforce its policy on water-dependent development on the waterfront?

Gladys Gifford

Waterfront Chairwoman, League of

Women Voters Buffalo Niagara

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