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Letter: GOP is taking a stand against saving lives

I read a small article in The Buffalo News. Texas and 19 other states, all Republican, have filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the preexisting condition clause in the Affordable Care Act be declared unconstitutional. They also say that if this clause is declared unconstitutional, then the rest of the law is also unconstitutional.

Prior to the ACA, about 40,000 Americans died yearly because of inadequate or no health insurance. The Trump Justice Department has joined in support of this lawsuit against the ACA. I believe the GOP has taken a pro-death stand regarding my two Cystic Fibrosis grandchildren. This is the same GOP that calls itself “pro life.” Rename the Republican party the DEATH party. Think about how the new Supreme Court Justice will rule on this case in the future.

Thomas Keating

North Tonawanda

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