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Letter: Without unions, workers would have few rights

A recent Supreme Court decision now allows people who belong to a public sector union to not pay dues.

It was hailed as a victory for workers, but was it? First off, President Trump lied and said that workers could “choose their own candidates without the union controlling them.”

In 1943, Smith-Connally banned the use of members’ dues to make contributions to candidates for federal office.

Unions now have a separate optional fund used to support candidates who support workers. Last I checked, no union member followed me into the voting booth and forced me vote to for the candidate the union recommended.

Secondly, if we all went to a Trump property and stayed, ate in the restaurant and then refused to pay, how long would he be in business? Unions are like businesses, they need to pay salaries because who works for free? They need to hire lawyers to represent their members and pay to bargain a contract. It all costs.

Why attack unions? They are the last bastion fighting for the working class. Where do you think the 40-hour work week came from, weekends, paid holidays, worker safety and end to child labor and many other accomplishments? Now they fight for living wages, because if you work, you should not starve.

When billionaires can spend billions electing their people to fight for them, why shouldn’t working people have a say as well? Apparently the wealthy think you should not. Destroy unions and you destroy workers’ rights. Mission accomplished.

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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