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Letter: U.S. acts shamefully at World Health Assembly

I was appalled and embarrassed at our nation’s actions at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. As a mother of four and grandmother of 11, when it comes to the health and well being of our world’s innocent, precious children, you are pushing the hottest of my “hot” buttons.

Where have our American ideals and basic philosophy gone? Are we no longer the standard bearers of just plain doing what’s right?

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I fear our nation is on a greed-fueled path of profit and more profit at any cost – even if it hurts children, the environment or the poor and disadvantaged. Is this what we have become? I pray not. I still have faith in the fundamental goodness of most Americans and believe we will get through this self-serving political morass and be able to again hold our head high in the world community. God bless America.

Nancy Holdsworth

West Seneca

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