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Letter: Trump prefers profits over a mother’s milk

If tearing babies from immigrant families wasn’t enough, the Trump administration rushed to the rescue of baby formula manufacturers when the World Health Assembly tried to pass a resolution that women should breastfeed their babies rather than use formula.

Formula producers have been distributing inaccurate information touting their product over breast milk.

The World Health Assembly pointed to studies that indicated the shift to breast milk would save as many as 800,000 babies a year, according to a July 9 article in The News.

Ecuador had offered to be the sponsor of the measure but withdrew when the Trump administration threatened to cut off military support needed to fight incursions from Colombian terrorists and drug cartels. The measure was ultimately sponsored by Russia, of all countries, but not without concessions to U.S. interests.

The Trump administration claims it wants to save the babies with its pro-life stance. It is clear that saving babies is supported only as long as it doesn’t get in the way of corporate profits.

Raymond F. Castro


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