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Letter: God’s intervention is sought by both sides

In his July 3 letter, a writer quipped “why do Democrats/liberals/moderates … only want God when they deem divine intervention necessary to benefit their particular cause?”

This jab was somewhat myopic and ironic, since most causes championed by the left, for which some on the left often plead for God’s help, in the long run benefit all of humanity.

For example, as a somewhat liberal Christian, I am praying fervently for God to rescue humanity – and planet earth – from the environmental crises we are bringing on.

Resource depletion, pollution and climate change each pose an existential threat to all people, including Republicans.

Today’s political right, controlled as it is by the fossil fuel industry, has essentially abandoned environmental stewardship; admittedly, then, caring for God’s creation might seem a “particular cause” of everybody but the right.

That said, if God does not step in to shield his earth from the right’s environmental policies or prompt changes to them, even the right will suffer when, perhaps 30 years hence, the water and air are too dirty to sustain life, food supplies have dwindled, oceans have inundated coastlines and diseases have spread due to climate change.

I do not expect anyone, then, to suggest again that beseeching God to protect the environment is any political group’s “particular cause.”

Andrew Hartley


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