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Letter: Dems will play games with Kavanaugh choice

Thus begins the weeping and political gnashing of teeth. Why so much pain and anguish? The Democrats are really in a “wringing of the hands” conundrum. President Trump’s choice for the U.S. Supreme Court is clearly a masterful stroke. The naming of Brett Kavanaugh is a wise political choice, but it is secondary to the fact that Kavanaugh is, simply and clearly, eminently qualified to serve. Yet the Democrats approach his selection in reverse.

They will seek to disqualify him first for his political affiliation and ignore his legal and judicial qualifications. His decisions in the lesser court have been justly admired and praised. His mental acumen is legendary and his sense of justice, love of family and personal integrity are praiseworthy and deserving of respect. What advantage or political gain, if indeed there is any, could possibly outweigh the advantages of having such a legal mind on the highest court in the land? He will serve this nation with distinction.

Typically, at this point, the Democrats will delve into nonsensical and contrived negative aspects of Kavanaugh’s background, make dire predictions and once again look foolish in losing.

Nicholas D. Mecca


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