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Letter: Amherst police did not have to shoot black bear

Why is it that most things must be accomplished with a shooting or killing? The young black bear that interested so many Western New Yorkers did not have to be “euthanized.” Or as I believe, murdered.

Was it because the Amherst Police Department got tired of the calls about sitings? This bear was somewhat of a celebrity, and shooting it was just tragic.

He did not harm anyone. He was lost and hungry. Tranquilizing him, fixing his injuries and relocating him would have been the proper thing to do. At least it would have given him a chance, since we are the ones that moved into his territory.

Just because he wandered into a wealthy neighborhood with people who did not want to tolerate him is not a license to die.

Shame on the Amherst police.

Rosemary Doeing


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