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Buffalo will be a winner in next week's hometown episode of 'The Bachelorette'

Here are the top six things to note about Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette" that decided Buffalo's Jason Tartick is getting one of four hometown visits with Becca Kufrin.

Quote of the Night: Amusingly, Jason's excitement after getting the fourth and final rose was given the crawl treatment so viewers would know exactly what he said to Becca: "I'm so happy I am here," Jason said. "And I can't freakin' wait for you to come to freakin' Buffalo." Nothing says you are from Buffalo as much as the repetitive use of the word freakin'.

Buffalo Will Be a Winner Next Monday: I reached out to Bennett Graebner, the Buffalo native who is one of the program's showrunners, to ask how Western New York will look on next week's hometown episode. I don't know how Jason will do, but Buffalo will do just fine. "As those of us who hail from the great city of Buffalo surely know, a few minutes of television can’t possibly get across everything that the 716 epitomizes," wrote Graebner. "However, a date that includes Delaware Park, chicken wings, HarborCenter, and a delightful Buffalo family is a good place to start. And if you look closely, you’ll see a wide variety of shots of Western New York landmarks including City Hall, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, the Peace Bridge, and of course Niagara Falls."

Now for Something Completely Different: An hour into the show, ABC briefly interrupted its inconsequential reality show for President Trump's extremely consequential announcement that he is nominating Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court justice. Regardless of your political views and whether you will support this conservative selection, it was hard to find anything wrong with Kavanaugh's brief speech. He said all the right things and displayed a sense of humor. He got a laugh by saying his older daughter loves sports and to read, and his younger daughter loves sports and to talk before giving her a low five. Then he noted he coaches youth basketball and is called Coach K. Somewhere, Duke University men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski had to be smiling.

Name That Madonna Song: I normally only watch Jason's portion of the program. But I was interested in the story line in which Colton, a handsome, 26-year-old former professional football player, revealed to Becca something he said "only a handful of people" know – that he is a virgin. She walked away from the table, came back later, praised his honesty and gave him a rose. Smart move. Becca might have taken some heat if he had been eliminated after a revelation that now is known by an exclusive club of millions of people.

Where's Jason's Helmet? In a brief preview clip, Jason and Becca were shown skating at HarborCenter. Jason put a puck in the net loosely guarded by Becca. They weren't wearing helmets, perhaps because the producers didn't want viewers to be deprived of a second of Jason's slick hair.

Parental Concern: In the preview, Jason's dad tells his son: "I think I have fears being a parent that there is three other people." His mom tells her son: "I didn't read whether she is falling for you." But the biggest parental fear came from a father who looked like an older version of Colton and tells Becca: "I don't want you to pick him." He probably speaks for many parents who find the idea of marrying someone in this fantasy situation disturbing. When you think about it, finding a spouse this way is freakin' crazy.

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