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Adam Zyglis Cartoon Caption Contest: July 2018 winners

Our inaugural contest made quite the splash. The results are in … and we received 1,243 official entries! And that’s no fish tale.

The captions took all different angles, making it tricky to judge. One of the most popular responses, with 11 different entries, was “You complete me.” We were up to our neck in Disney jokes and aquatic puns. Our readers are dripping with cleverness. It was great to see Western New York have such a blast with this.

Without further ado, here are the winning captions we reeled in …

First place

“Could you point me to the transgenus ladies’ room?” — Patricia Tracy, Lockport

Second place

“We’re gonna need a bigger rock.” ‪— Jon A. Harris, Buffalo

Third place

“I checked our DNA. We’re 50% Other.” — Kathleen Gurbacki, Lancaster


“Part of me envies you.” — Peter Warn, Buffalo

“I blame the New Yorker.” —Susan Pries, Alexandria, Va.

"We can't be lab partners anymore." — MaryAnn Fatta, Tonawanda

“Huh. I thought I was a hammerhead.” — Timothy Quinn, Amherst

"You look distressed ... is it separation anxiety?" — Paula Voell, Tonawanda

“Now I know how the other half lives!” — Ginger B. Maiman, Buffalo

"Nobody wins a trade war." ‪— Rob Wright, Kenmore

"Backsies?" — Jack Courtney, Buffalo

What Steven Spielberg dreams after reading Lewis Carroll and eating sushi. —Liz Fox, Alden

“Next time the caterpillar asks, I'm definitely saying ‘no.’ ” — Susan J. McNulty, Java Center

"... her journey had come to a close. Fin." — Mathew Bussmann, Buffalo

“On the food chain, I'm a head of you.” — Leslie Gorman, North Tonawanda

“Didn't you live down the street from me in Love Canal?” — Laurie MacPherson, Lancaster

“I'm afraid I can't explain myself ... because I am not myself, you see?” — Leiya Pujals, Brooklyn, and Michael Paul Geyer


What is your personal favorite caption submission? Vote below or add your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for all the submissions, and look out for next month's contest Aug. 3!

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