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Letters: Water authority politics, cronies must be removed

The Erie County Water Authority has been a bipartisan political cesspool for many years. Prior to chairman Jerome Schad’s appointment to the authority, he served as counsel for the political majority in control of the Erie County Legislature.

It seems quite obvious that his appointment was based on his political connections, especially considering that he has no engineering background. The state Authorities Budget Office has very recently stated that Schad should be removed and replaced.

Unfortunately many local politicians, and likely the crucial deciding majority serving on the County Legislature, brazenly reject this unbiased state recommendation. They seem very comfortable with political influence and connections determining who is appointed, rather than competence and qualifications, and therefore have no problem with Schad continuing on the authority.

Remove the self-serving and corrosive politics, as well as Schad, from the authority.

Laurence Tosetto


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