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Letter: Trump’s policy rollouts are for GOP guests, only

This latest reversal by Trump, his attempt, by half measures, to stop the political fallout from his heartless zero tolerance strategy would never have happened at all without pressure from Republican congressmen (Democrats were, as usual, not invited to his televised dog-and-pony show). It’s too bad we can’t count on Republicans to stand up for what’s right on the numerous other stances this president has taken. Like their leader, the Party of Trump saw votes trickling away, and decided to do the right thing for votes, rather than because it was right.

They had already sold their souls to get what they’ve always wanted from the head of their party, tax breaks for themselves, their pals and their campaign contributors. Minor issues like a tariff war and a bunch of signed treaties and agreements now repudiated; oversight of banks and businesses slashed and no protections for anybody but the wealthy; gutted environmental rules, and an invitation to the next financial meltdown – all this was a small price to pay for those wonderful tax cuts.

Stay tuned for the next installment. When it becomes apparent that the tariffs imposed by the bully-in-chief really start to hurt average Americans, Republican politicians will once again convince the head of their party that they and he are losing votes as a direct result. Once they’ve sat him down, like the recalcitrant child that he is, we’ll see another pretend policy meeting photo-op featuring Republican happy talk. And no Democrats invited.

John Nelson


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