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Letter: Trump-bashers disrespect the presidential office

I am an 85-year-old woman and have lived though 15 presidents but I have never seen the things going on as they are today.

Saying vulgar words on TV. Saying the president’s son should be put in a cage with pedophiles, not allowing people to sit in a public restaurant or theater without being shouted at by groups of people. Where is any respect for each other, when a congresswoman invites people to harass and shame and push back on people?

Ms. Maxine Waters sits with all her money in California.

Is this the kind of representative that should go to Washington to discuss and pass laws that are good for the citizens and our country?

These citizens who want so badly for illegal aliens to invade our country, we will pay for their welfare, health and schooling. Our taxes will pay for all of that. At the rate some are going we will eventually start a civil war.

We live in the best country in the world, we have a Constitution. Stop all the name-calling. You may not like this president but respect the office and see what he will accomplish.

I did not care for the last president but did not call him foul names. He didn’t do much for our country but I respected the office.

Let’s tone down the violence and make our country great like it used to be.

Elaine Rosenthal


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