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Letter: President has proven to be unfit on several levels

Maya Angelou said “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

Donald Trump has told everyone and showed the nation and the world that he’s a pathological liar and a malignant narcissist-misogynist and con man. I’m leaving out a dozen other apt descriptions but you get the point.

The New York City press documented his character in the 1980s when he would phone the newsrooms using the pseudonym “John Barron” giving them salacious news tips about Trump’s latest sexual exploits. The reporters mocked him because he failed to disguise his voice.

His biographer, Tony Schwartz, tells us that he is an ignoramus because he doesn’t read and doesn’t learn, thus he can’t focus on any issue for more than a few minutes.

There is a growing mountain of evidence that he’s working for Russia. Recently he told the G7 leaders in Montreal that he didn’t care if the United States withdrew from the alliance and that he wanted Russia back in it.

Anyone can see that he’s trying to blow up the NATO and Atlantic Alliances.

Former Obama National Security advisor Susan Rice wrote that there is no evidence that Trump is taking orders from Putin but even if he’s not, Trump is doing Putin’s work destroying the alliances with our allies all by himself.

Trump’s claim that our Canadian cousins constitute a national security risk is outright crazy.

Common sense tells me that Trump is a traitor to Russia. But there is hardly a person in the Republican party – or the media – with enough guts to say so. Where is the greatest generation when you need them?

Bob Catalano


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