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Letter: Firearms skills count in protecting oneself

A June 21 letter stated that “nearly all law enforcement and most private citizens today don’t use revolvers or hunting guns for self defense.”

I have lived in Western New York for 71 years and have yet to see a state or local police officer schlepping an AK-47.

I’ve been around firearms since I was a little boy, and if a bad actor came into my home with a machine gun while I am armed with a basic pistol, he would not survive. The person who has the better familiarity and skill can easily defend his or her home with a shotgun, a rifle…even a spear. More lead flying increases the chances of injuring a family member.

Remember, it’s not the gun but the man or woman behind it. A fellow named Liberty Valance found that out the hard way.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.


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