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That time it was almost 100 degrees in Buffalo

You'll hear a lot of talk about the heat this weekend, but one thing you won't hear, one thing you have never heard in Buffalo, is this:

The current temperature is 100 degrees.

As retired News reporter Gene Warner noted in a 2006 article, "Buffalo boasts the distinction of being one of the few cities in America never to have the official temperature reach 100 degrees."

The closest we ever got, Warner reported, came at 3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 27, 1948, near the end of President Harry Truman's first term when the temperature climbed to just shy of 99 degrees. It was the hottest day ever in recorded Buffalo history, dating to 1870.

From Warner's article:

There's no mystery why. And while Western New Yorkers may not appreciate it during the current hot, hazy and overly humid stretch, we can thank our built-in air conditioner.

"The biggest reason is the position of Lake Erie," National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Sage said. "We have a prevailing southwest wind here, and because the lake has never been hotter than 80 degrees, the air over the lake is cooled by lake waters."

So while it's true that you will be hot here this weekend, chances are good you won't be 100-degrees hot.

Maybe ever.

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