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Mike Connelly: Have a little fun with Adam Zyglis' Caption Contest

Mike Connelly

Let’s have a little fun.

On the back of this section is the first-ever Adam Zyglis Cartoon Caption Contest.

Zyglis is The Buffalo News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist. His work appears on the editorial page five days a week. Whether you agree or disagree with Zyglis – I hear from plenty of people on both sides – his cartoons are pointed and often funny. He is one of the best anywhere. When he won the Pulitzer in 2015, he was just 32 years old.

The Cartoon Caption Contest is different from Adam’s editorial cartoons.

It isn’t about politics or current events. It is just meant to be fun. Adam will draw a cartoon rich with possibilities. (Shark Girl is featured today.) You supply the caption.

The winner will be published Friday on and in the newspaper next Sunday on the back of the Viewpoints section. The winner receives the signed original cartoon with the winning caption written in.

Adam Zyglis Cartoon Caption Contest: July 2018

Zyglis is a cartooning evangelist. He has been president of Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He runs the annual Buffalo News editorial cartoon contest for local students. He was a finalist in the contest himself when he was in middle school.

The New Yorker runs the granddaddy of caption contests, inside the magazine’s back cover every week. According to the magazine’s former cartoon editor, the New Yorker has published more than 78,000 cartoons since its founding in 1925. It launched its caption contest in 2005.

We plan to do the Adam Zyglis Cartoon Caption Contest every month. Look for a new cartoon in August.

The Briefing: Decoding DC

Buffalo News Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Zremski has covered national government and politics for nearly three decades. He knows how Washington works. Now, every weekday on, he takes readers behind the day’s events.

Some headlines from recent Briefing columns: What would Tim Russert do? My lunch with future-President Trump. Top Republican confident in Collins. The view from Trump country, my hometown.

In a column on the politicization of everything, Zremski suggested: “The Golden Rule seems to have been supplanted by the moral equivalent of a loud scream, saying: ‘I’m right and you’re wrong.’ ”

At the end of each Briefing column, Zremski has a quick guide to the day’s events and links to a handful of the day’s best stories about politics.

Some of the Briefing columns run in the newspaper, but many do not. To get The Briefing, follow Zremski on Twitter or go to

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