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Letter: Sanders has a right to eat in peace in public restaurants

As much as I cracked up over the fact that Trump spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, was kicked out of a restaurant, I knew liberal hypocrisy would start. So, let me point out some historical facts.

The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution guarantee that the federal and state governments will not deny equal protection and due process to any person. But, what about private institutions that hold themselves out to the public, like lunch counters?

Fortunately, during the Civil Rights era, courts provided an explanation. Since lunch counters, in the aggregate, engage in interstate commerce, they fall within the Constitution’s power to regulate commerce and thus could not discriminate on the basis of race.

So, Sarah, I strongly support your right to enjoy a meal in a restaurant. I also urge liberals to recognize your hypocrisy and express gratitude that you live in a country that allows both African-Americans and Neo-cons to eat in public.

Helaine Sanders, LMSW, JD

East Amherst

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