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Letter: Samuelson misses the mark on how the safety net tore

Robert Samuelson says that for 30 years of writing columns that he is discouraged that no one paid attention to him about how welfare, Medicare and the Social Security paid to us old folks is ruining the country and going to bankrupt it.

Never once in his columns did I read about what started as a giant sucking sound decades ago that took away millions of jobs, that then went to Mexico. But that was nothing compared to what the corporations did for the next 30 years.

Corporations sent 20 million more jobs overseas, especially to China where slave laborers were paid 60 cents per day. Those very same corporations used countries such as Ireland to stash away billions of dollars of profit in order to avoid paying United States taxes. Why doesn’t he write about that?

And how about the billions of dollars in subsidies received by corporations (called welfare, when given to the poor) such as Walmart, Boeing and the rest of the list? Add to that the corporate tax breaks which went directly to the top execs and dividends to stockholders.

Samuelson should write about the devastating loss from all that money from all the millions of lost jobs that would have contributed billions to Social Security, etc. Wages here remained stagnant or went down. Wages in China and elsewhere rose, dramatically.

It doesn’t take a financial expert, or one who thinks he is, who doesn’t write about what has happened, and is still happening to this country. All that it takes to figure it out is some common sense and a four letter word. Jobs.

John Cappelletti


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