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Letter: NATO members are right to worry about Trump

What does it say when our European allies worry that Trump will not be able to handle the July NATO Summit in an intelligent professional manner, let alone statesmen-like.

NATO members say “they fear that their desire to show solidarity in the face of a new Russian threat will be overshadowed, if not undone, by a divisive encounter followed by Trump’s prospective summit with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.”

Once again the antagonistic dictator-friendly Trump bullies the NATO members. I’d say he threatens them by buddying up to Putin whose long-term goal is to destabilize the European Union.

He also threatens them with the action he took at the Group of 7 meeting in Canada when he displayed anger mocking, wandering and rude behavior especially to Canadian President Justin Trudeau. They dread the same pattern.

United State officials believe Trump’s behavior will depend on his mood and what is highlighted on Fox news at the time of the summit.

Anyone with some intellect would hope that our president’s behavior would not be dependent on his mood and Fox News but on his knowledge and advice given to him by a broad perspective of cohorts.

However, we can only count on the 32-year-old, narrow minded, white supremacist, Steven Miller and Corey Lewandowski along with Sean Hannity and if we are lucky enough, Defense Secretary H.R. McMasters, to be influencing such a major summit meeting by being the president’s trusted advisors.

Trumps’ final bullying strategy will be to make the NATO members the target of his Twitter blasts.

One can only hope NATO can beat him at this game and Twitter first, Twitter fast, Twitter honestly and blast the misbehaving Trump.

Marguerite Battaglia


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