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Letter: Citizens give up their rights when they choose not to vote

Why do so many continue to blame “guns” for what so few do with them? While we’re at it, why don’t we blame hammers for bending nails, cliffs for those falling over the edge or puppet politicians for being elected by a minority of citizens.

Probably because it’s just easier. Given today’s electronics and/or drugs, it’s no wonder we can be persuaded to believe that “reality” is an option. After all it’s what our leaders want us to believe. Makes their goals more easily attainable. Ergo no New York State Health Department anti-drug ads, like their anti-smoking and fitness campaigns.

The power of reason lies solely within all of us. The power of choice lies solely within all Americans. With each new day our choices dwindle. Best we make good on the choices we have left. It’s worth the venture to learn and vote!

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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