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Letter: Mrs. Trump’s feelings are on display in bold

The concept of Marie Antoinette and her famous quote, “Let them eat cake” as the French people were starving lives again on Melania Trump’s green jacket with the bright white words on the back, “I really don’t care. Do u?” It should be noted that she did not wear it while actually visiting the imprisoned detained migrant children; only worn on the way there and the way back to Washington to convey her special message.

Every article of clothing Melania wears is researched, planned and important to her. I read these words and interpret her message to be, I don’t care about these children and I bet that there are many supporters in the Trump base who don’t either.

Well, guess what? There are many, many more of us voters who do care about these taken and sometimes lost abused babies and children.

A new name? Melania Marie Antoinette Trump.

Leona Rockwood


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