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Letter: Buffalo should emulate Grand Island’s gumption

I applaud the residents of Grand Island, who regularly alter or simply reject proposed development which they feel is environmentally unsound or has an excessively negative impact on quality of life. If only the City of Buffalo would follow suit! Friends in North Buffalo are appalled at the scale of the new Dash’s store, which received multiple variances from the Planning Board for a mall-size building in a residential neighborhood.

On Grand Island, I was especially impressed by demands that a proposed solar panel array on Whitehaven Road alter its footprint to spare some mature trees.

Meanwhile, in Buffalo, at Elmwood and Bryant, the Elmwood Crossing project will destroy over a dozen mature trees, without even a blink from the Planning Board. To many of us, the so-called Green Code is meaningless: developers seem to get whatever they want. The “new Buffalo” is too often new in the wrong ways: there’s no compromise to allow for concerns of quality of life or the environment. It’s development at all costs.

I wish Buffalo was more like Grand Island, and had some strong voices for moderation and common sense.

Tim Denesha


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