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Letter: Trump administration is damaging America

Like the writer of the June 19 letter, I, too, am ashamed of our current administration and its affect on our freedoms. How much damage are they prepared to do?

I can’t for the life of me see how a select group of Americans, regardless of whether they are Republicans, Democrats or Independents, can collectively maintain their fealty to one so manifestly unsuited to govern, dangerously impulsive, lacking compassion and congenitally dishonest.

Our country has alienated itself from many, if not all, those nations who once respected us and looked to us for guidance.

Now they can’t seem to ascertain what we stand for as order, civility and human decency have taken a back seat to unilateral withdrawal from the long-standing Trans-Pacific Partnership, a reluctance to believe that global warming is a danger to all of us, both rich and poor, leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council and imposing damaging tariffs that disrupt effective commerce and create ill-feelings that hinder meaningful negotiations between affected parties.

The Golden Rule has been altered – it now reads “Do unto me and I will undo you.”

Scott H. Patterson


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