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Letter: Trump’s lies perpetuate and GOP sits on its hands

In this current administration words like honesty and integrity have been replaced by “fake news” and “corruption!”

President Trump lies constantly, about almost everything and continues to lie each and every day. Recently at his rally in Minneapolis he stated “Democrats want open borders,” at statement that is 100 percent false.

What has the Republican-controlled Congress (which has oversight duty regarding the president) said about this continued fabrication by Trump? Absolutely nothing. They have become eunuchs; cowardly, gutless, spineless, hypocritical and lying enablers to the reckless and unfit man who pretends to be “presidential!”

I saw something on the news that made me almost apoplectic. President Trump left his podium and went and hugged and kissed the American flag. Twice. And then continued his lying about the separation policy at the border. Our flag is only a symbol – of a country that honors and respects the rule of law and fairness – for Trump, who lies all the time. This display shows his total disrespect for our flag and all that it stands for.

Shame on him and all the Republicans who support his corrupt lack of leadership each and every day!

Larry Gustina


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