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Letter: Immigrants don’t deserve dehumanizing language

The perpetrators of genocide often start the killing process by dehumanizing their victims. For example, the Nazis called the Jews “vermin,” the Hutus called the Tutsis “cockroaches.” Now, the president of the United States refers to an illegal immigrant “infestation,” which obviously refers to unwanted insects in need of extermination.

Some Republican pundits have suggested that if these immigrants presented themselves at entry points and allowed themselves to be processed in order to determine their claims of asylum, the problem would not exist.

The problem is that when these immigrants present themselves at a point of entry, they are told to come back in weeks if not months because the system is overwhelmed and cannot cope.

Were I a citizen of Honduras, Guatemala, or Mexico and my family faced starvation, death by gangs or, at times, by government-led death squads, I, too, would try to get into the United States legally or not.

For some, family survival is more important than legal behavior.

I have some problems understanding how this administration manages to garner the support of so many. Lately, I have been ashamed to be led by such people. And no, I don’t plan on moving as some have suggested. I plan to stay here and, God willing, see the end of this amoral president.

Andre Toth


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