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'She said yes': Shapiro and Javad get engaged during Iceland vacation

It's Monday, so it's time for romance.

No, this isn't another update on how Western New Yorker Jason Tartick is doing as he tries to romance Becca Kufrin on "The Bachelorette" (8 p.m. Monday, Channel 7). This is an update of the story about the romance between former Channel 2 sportscaster Jonah Javad and former Channel 4 anchor Nalina Shapiro that was written before they headed to Dallas.

Javad and Shapiro became engaged over the weekend while vacationing in Iceland. They announced it as many millennials do – on Twitter with pictures.

Javad is now a sportscaster at WFAA-TV in Dallas, the No. 5 market in the country. Shapiro has a job outside of television.

A big basketball fan, Javad tweeted "swish" while posting a picture of the couple kissing. "She said yes" appeared on the back of a shirt he was wearing.

Shapiro tweeted: "A horseback ride led us to The Red Hills: 5,200-year-old pseudocraters in the lava fields on the outskirts of Reykjavík. Little did I know it would lead to this." She attached a picture of Javad pouring what appeared to be champagne or something like it as she hugged him. Flowers also were visible.

In a subsequent tweet, Javad wrote: "I met @nalinashapiro4 on a Wednesday. The following Monday, we drove from Buffalo to Columbus to see Of @monstersandmen. 33 months later, we got engaged in Reykjavík, Iceland – where the band is from. Fate – or coincidence – is a helluva drug."

The proposal came four months after the couple addressed their future together this way in my Feb. 22 story after Javad got a job in one of the top markets in the country.

"His happiness makes me happy," Shapiro said back then. "I know that sounds really corny. It all clicked for him and I knew that he is the person I want to be with. I don’t care if we're not married or engaged. We talk about these things."

"I don't like societal pressure telling me when I need to put a ring on," added Javad, who refers to their Newfoundland dog, Bogey, as "their 160-pound engagement ring."

TV personalities Shapiro, Javad headed for new adventure in Dallas

"We don't like to be confined to what people think we should do," added Shapiro. "We really want to do what makes us happy."

Now being happy engaged makes them happy.

In an exchange of texts, Shapiro explained there hasn't been any time for wedding plans.

"We haven't even thought about a date and location yet but we want Bogey to be involved so that will impact our decision lol," she texted.

If you were wondering like me how Javad appeared to have that shirt on simultaneous to her answer, Shapiro wrote "Jonah had that shirt on all day and I had no idea."

Asked how they like their new home, Shapiro wrote: "We love Dallas. The people have been welcoming and honestly after being cold so long, the heat feels really good. Bogey is swimming a lot! We can always visit Buffalo since it's a direct plane ride away, right? (Or is that direct flight happening soon?)"

Javad's exciting week isn't over.

Shapiro noted that they headed from Iceland to Scotland, where Javad will be playing golf at one of the most prestigious courses in the world.

"He will play at St. Andrews, got invited through their lottery almost a year ago," texted Shapiro.

Javad clearly will be making all the golfing buddies he made in his time in Western New York extremely jealous.

Now back to "The Bachelorette." A source close to the production told me Jason might actually be more involved in Monday night's episode.

That wouldn't be hard. He hasn't had much face time to write home about in the first four episodes.



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