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Letter: Sessions’ misuse of Bible follows an ill-advised course

This might be a good time for all of us to stop for a reality check. The presidency of Donald Trump has split America into two opposing camps which have not been as divided since the Civil War.

Trump’s avid, some might say rabid supporters will not deviate from their unshakeable devotion to this one deeply flawed individual. Any facts or evidence which expose President Trump’s obvious hypocrisies or outright lies are relegated to that dubious graveyard of truth known as “fake news.” Like the mindless devotees of Marshall Applegate and his cult of Heaven’s Gate or those who drank the Kool Aid served up by the cult leader Reverend Jim Jones at Jonestown, Trump’s sycophants will follow his warped visions willingly to the doom of all.

So be it!

However, I have to draw the line when those in the cult of Trump misappropriate the teachings of Jesus. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions used Romans 13 to justify separating families at the border of Mexico, he crossed that line. As has been noted, Romans 13 was used in the past to justify slavery, apartheid, and even Nazism. Sessions slithered like the snake in Eden when he whispered his prostituted version of Scripture to his ignorant and faithless followers.

I believe that Sessions and Trump missed the section of the Bible which is most relevant to their decision to tear children away from their families. In Matthew 2:16-18, it tells the story of King Herod sending his soldiers to separate and eliminate the children in Bethlehem from their mothers in order to maintain his power on earth. Trump, like Herod, will stop at nothing to maintain his will.

Robert J. Wegrzynowski


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